Teacher's Taboo Obsession: Schoolgirl's First Time in Bloomers

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  • 2024
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As a former teacher, I had always harbored a secret desire for my sweet schoolgirl students, especially ones with curves that tantalized my senses. So when I brought home a JK with a big, round ass, clad in delicate bloomers, the temptation proved irresistible. Watching her shyly masturbate in those innocent bloomers for the first time, a wave of desire overcame me. Her schoolgirl bloomers were soaked with arousal from a serious manzuri, and seeing her immediate orgasmic response only fueled the fire within me. As I slid my big, throbbing penis into her eager warmth, her moans of pleasure mingled with the scent of our forbidden desires, leading us both to the peak of ecstasy. The experience of violating that sweet schoolgirl in her wet bloomers remains etched in my memory, a testament to the insatiable hunger that only such taboo encounters can satisfy.