Sensitive Boss Can't Resist Nipple Harassment - New Anchor Maika Hiizumi Explores Sensual Pleasures

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2024
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As Maika Hiizumi, I stand before you, feeling the weight of my newfound fame as a local station newcomer. The bright lights of the studio bathe me in a warm glow, but deep down, I feel a lingering sense of unease. Every day, my boss, with his clumsy hands and inept touch, continues his relentless and unwanted nipple harassment. Yet, despite my initial reluctance, a strange sensation begins to stir within me. The gentle caress of his fingers on my sensitive nipples awakens a dormant desire deep within my being. As his touch grows more insistent, I can feel my body betraying me, responding with a surprising eagerness. With each passing day, I find myself on the brink of a sensitive and premature climax, my body craving release like never before. And so, as the cameras roll, I surrender to the intoxicating pleasure, succumbing to a whirlwind of sensations as I embark on a forbidden journey of ecstasy and desire, one that threatens to consume me whole.