Reiwa's Masturbation Negotiation Nampa Part 1: Taking the Street Encounter to a Senzuri Party and Beyond

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2024
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As Reiwa's Masturbation Negotiation Nampa ① unfolds, the alluring scenario of encountering an irresistibly cute woman on the bustling city streets sets the stage for a tantalizing proposition. With an air of audacious confidence, the daring question of "Would you like to see masturbation?" is posed, stirring an immediate spark of intrigue and curiosity. In a sultry whirlwind of desire, the seductive invitation leads to a secluded hotel room where the fervent exchange of Senzuri experiences ensues. The charged atmosphere permeates with an electric vibrancy as the confluence of unbridled passion and primal urges propel the negotiation towards carnal pleasure. With each breathless moment of escalating intimacy, the boundaries of taboo are fervently crossed, laying bare the raw, primal depths of insatiable lust.