Obsession Unleashed: My Desire to Taste Every Inch of Miku Abeno's Beauty

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2024
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I want to seductively trace my tongue along the smooth, flawless skin of a stunning woman like Miku Abeno. The thought of grazing her soft, delicate features with my lips sends a shiver down my spine. I can imagine the taste of her skin, the warmth of her cheek under my touch, as I slowly make my way up her face, leaving a trail of anticipation in my wake. The hunger in my eyes matches the desire in my soul as I yearn to explore every inch of her face with my eager tongue, savoring the sensation of her beauty on my lips. Every stroke, every caress, brings us closer to a forbidden ecstasy that I can no longer resist. Miku Abeno's face is my canvas, and I am the artist, painting a masterpiece of desire with each tantalizing lick.